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Technoleap’s Portable Utility Powered by Solar (PUPS) Transit Case Assemblies support forward operating bases in remote locations where traditional power sources are either not available or economically feasible. 
  • Each PUPS Transit Case Assembly consists of two (2) solar panels, hardware (for angular positioning of the solar panels), and a connecting cable for integration into a power grid.
  • PUPS Transit Case Assemblies can be configured with different types of solar panels supplying nominal power up to 476 Watts. They are stackable eight (8) cases high and each case assembly weighs 145 lbs.
  • Our PUPS assemblies absorb shock and vibration associated with transit. When configured for transport, they can be dropped from 4 ft. without damaging the solar panels.
  • Each PUPS Transit Case Assembly can be handled by a minimum of 2 Persons.


  • Constructed with light weight reinforced aluminum
  • Corner Reinforcements for Positive Stacking 
  •  MIL 810 Transit Drop Protection 
  • Painted Polyurethane or Chemical Agent Resistant Coating
  • Eight (8) Handles, Two (2) Wheels
  • Angular Positioning Hardware (0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 degrees)
  • Two (2) Tie Down Straps per each case half
  •  Waterproof (When Assembled)
  • Weight: 145 lbs. 
  •  Various Options Available
  1 Panel 2 Panels
Nominal Power: 238W 476W
Efficiency: 19.1% 19.1%
Rated Voltage: 40.5 V 40.5V
Rated Current 5.88A 9.76A
Open Circut Voltage: 48.5V 48.5V
Short Circut Current: 6.25A 12.5A
25 ft. “Y” Configured with M4 Connectors (1 Cable per Panel) 

Three, 18 wire gage (AWG) conductors but configurable for two, 18 gage or one, 16 gage wire.
Title 1 Title 2
Insulation Resistance at 1000 VDC (@ ambient temperature) > 1 G
Insulation Resistance at 1000 VDC (@ maximum temperature) > 100 M
Working Voltage: 500 VDC
Maximum Testing Voltage between contacts and earth: 2500 VDC
Leakage Current for Poof Voltage Test (@ ambient temperature): Less than 0.025 mA
Leakage Current for Poof Voltage Test (@ maximum temperature): Less than 0.7 mA
Nominal Working Current: 5 A
Contact Resistance: 4 m
Contact Body Resistance Ground Path: 100 m
Maximum cross-sectional thickness: 1.50 x 0.875 in.
Maximum allowable axial misalignment (Between male and female connectors while mating): 0.5 degree
Maximum allowable connector rotational angular misalignment (Between male and female connectors while mating. Only applicable if connector is keyed or otherwise requires mating in a specific orientation): 0.5 degree
Allowable face center misalignment (Between male and female connectors while mating): .02 in.
Body/back shell Material UNS N06625 in compliance with NACE MR0175
Over-mate force: up to 500 lbf without damage
Number of mating/de-mating cycles 50 in operation

Mating Speed 1ft/sec
1-3 electrical contacts – Operating 5amps, 500 VDC
15,000 psi rated

Mated length 18-20 inches
150˚C rated
10 year service life

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